HP-320 intelligent high-yield toothbrush packaging machine

It is suitable for paper and plastic packaging of toothbrushes, hardware, stationery, medical equipment (injection, syringe, medicine) and other related products.

Key Performance Structure Features:
The main equipment of this equipment is plastic (PVC/PET) heating, forming, forming blister testing (optional), stroke traction, feeding, lack of material inspection and waste (optional), automatic paper card, paper plastic preheating seal , reheat seal, aircraft hole (optional), random coding (optional), punching and other feature stations.
■ Worm gear reducer drive, overload protection of the main engine, low noise and stable operation.
■ Adjustable stroke size, free to change the size of the block, suitable for multi-species products.
■ It adopts dual-axis positioning and (spline) shaft transmission, and the work is stable and stable.
■ It adopts PLC programmable modular design, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Main technical parameters:

Punching speed (standard version 150 x 50 x 5mm) one out of two card toothbrush Paper / plastic 15 times / minute
Production capacity Paper/plastic 7500 times/hour
Feed stroke optional range 30-3000mm
Formed area 300-280mm
Forming depth Plastic 40mm (Special requirements 50mm)
Forming up/down heating power 2kw ( x2 )
Heat sealing heating power 3.5kw
main motor power 1.5kw
Total power of the power supply Three-phase four-wire 380v 50hz (220v 60hz) 11.8kw
Air pump volume flow ≥ 1m3 / min
Packaging material Plastic hard sheet (special made of PET structure) ≤ 0.2-0.5x320mm
Paper card / dialysis paper / PE film / aluminum foil ≤ 320x280x0.5mm / 320x0.02mm
Dimensions 6080x1160x1800mm
Total Weight 2500kg

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