HP-350 Rotary Paper Card Sealing and Packaging Machine

Applicable to paper and plastic packaging of hardware, medical equipment, toys, batteries, electronics, automobile and motorcycle parts, daily necessities, cosmetics, rubber products, tableware, kitchen utensils, stationery and other related products, such as injections, syringes, toy cars, flashlights, spark plugs, Toothbrush, floss, lipstick, mask, chopsticks, cleaning ball, razor, correction fluid, correction tape, ballpoint pen, medicine, etc.

Key Performance Structure Features:
■ It adopts positive/negative pressure forming, aircraft hole (optional), cutting, feeding, lower paper card, heat sealing, finished product conveying, etc., with simple structure and convenient operation;
■ Adopt 304 stainless steel cover, which meets the GMP requirements of the national pharmaceutical industry, beautiful appearance and easy cleaning;
■ Imported frequency conversion speed control, color touch screen (human-machine interface) and PLC programmable control system, high output, low noise, clear and simple operation, high degree of automation, more humanized;
■ Adopt servo motor stepless control stroke, easy adjustment stroke and convenient mold change;
■ Adopt photoelectric control, buzzer alarm when PVC hard film is used up and cardboard is not enough;
■ It adopts the whole machine split design to facilitate transportation and access to the elevator:
■ It can save a lot of packaging materials by using the roll-up plastic sheet feeding device;
■ Molds and automatic feeders can be designed according to user and package requirements.

Main technical parameters:

Punching speed (standard version 300 x 98 x 30mm) one out of four cards Paper / plastic 15 times / minute
Production capacity Paper/plastic 3600 times/hour
Feed stroke optional range 30-210mm
Formed area 330-210mm
Forming depth Plastic 40mm (Special requirements 65mm)
Forming up/down heating power 2kw ( x2 )
Heat sealing heating power 3.5kw
main motor power 1.5kw
Total power of the power supply Three-phase four-wire 380v 50hz (200v 60hz) 11.8kw
Air pump volume flow ≥ 1m3 / min
Packaging material Plastic hard sheet (special made of PET structure) ≤ 0.2-0.5x350mm
paper card ≤ 350x220x0.5mm
Dimensions 3800x200x1850mm
Total Weight 1800kg

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