HP-500B Multifunctional Automatic Paper Card Sealing and Packaging Machine (Special)

Scope :
Suitable for hardware, stationery, toys, tableware, daily necessities, cosmetics, rubber products, auto parts, medical equipment, medicines, etc.; such as: razors, batteries, electronics, small flashlights, light bulbs, cleaning balls, foot pads, 502 glue, AB glue, spark plug, brake pad; correction tape, correction fluid, eraser, pencil sharpener, stapler, ballpoint pen, solid glue, USB flash drive, card; car; chopsticks, small spoon; toothbrush, dental floss, lipstick, Mask, car perfume; injection, syringe, first aid kit, safflower oil, wind oil, Bao Ying Dan, Ji Xin Wan and so on.

Main performance structure features:
■ It adopts positive/negative pressure forming, aircraft hole (optional), cutting, feeding, lower paper card, heat sealing, finished product conveying, etc., with simple structure and convenient operation;
Using 304 stainless steel cover, in line with the national pharmaceutical industry GMP requirements, beautiful appearance, easy to clean;
■ Imported frequency conversion speed control, color touch screen (human-machine interface) and PLC programmable control system, high output, low noise, clear and simple operation, high degree of automation, more humanized;
■ Adopt servo motor stepless control stroke, easy adjustment stroke and convenient mold change;
■ Adopt photoelectric control, buzzer alarm when PVC hard film is used up and cardboard is not enough;
■ It adopts the whole machine split design to facilitate transportation and access to the elevator;
The use of a split-sheet plastic feeding device saves a lot of packaging materials:
Design molds and automatic feeders according to user and package requirements.

Main technical parameters:

Punching speed (standard version 300 x 98 x 30mm) - five cards 5 Paper / plastic 15 times / minute
Production capacity Paper/plastic 4500 times/hour
Feed stroke optional range 30-280mm
Formed area 470-220mm
Forming depth Plastic 40mm (Special requirements 65mm)
Forming up/down heating power 2.2kw ( x2 )
Heat sealing heating power 4.5kw
main motor power 1.5kw
Total power of the power supply Three-phase four-wire 380v 50hz (200v 60hz) 12.8kw
Air pump volume flow ≥ 1m3 / min
Packaging material Plastic hard sheet (special made of PET structure) ≤ 0.2-0.5x500mm
paper card ≤ 500x300x0.5mm
Dimensions 6800x980x1850mm
Total Weight 2800kg
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