Enterprise spirit
The sea is like a heart, extraordinary style.
Haipai people will absorb professional technology and management talents with the sea-like mind, introduce advanced technology and equipment from home and abroad, learn from others' successful experiences and carry forward them.
Business philosophy
Technology first, quality-oriented, and integrity.
Relying on advanced technology and precision, we will create high-quality products and make customers with high-quality services.
Corporate purposes:
1, quality is the key to our success:
Haipai has attached great importance to infrastructure construction and quality management. We invested a large amount of funds to introduce a batch of imported finishing equipment and technology. We are a member of the Harvard Cards Technology Center of the United States. We also obtained national high-tech enterprises and more than 40 patents. CE certification, established a sound manufacturing process and quality management system to ensure the quality of the product.
2, service is our constant source:
Haipai pays attention to customer service, creates a set of fast and perfect customer service processes and systems, and perfect after-sales system to provide customers with thoughtful and timely services, so that customers can feel the service without distance, enthusiasm and warmth.
3, talent is our accumulated wealth:
We attach great importance to team building, staff quality education and skill training. We take "pre-emptive person" as the guiding ideology: Facing the new century, Haipai takes "high quality and trustworthiness" as the enterprise spirit, with planning and specialization as the management. The concept, with data tracking, life-long service for the purpose of after-sales, to create a new packaging mode machinery to meet the growing demand for exquisite packaging.
we promise:
Working with Haipai, you will experience ease and pleasure, and you will be satisfied and win-win.
Development Vision:
Zhejiang Haipai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. takes "to become the supplier and service provider of paper-plastic packaging machine manufacturing system in the industry" as its vision, and sincerely invites you to "create the value of packaging and make the work more effective". , create brilliant!

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