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HP-500B Paper Plastic Blister Packaging Machine

It is suitable for packaging with Paper card and Plastic blister in the industrial of stationery, small hardware, medical equipment, toys, battery, electronic products, automobile and motorcycle fittings, commodity, cosmetic, rubber products, dinnerware, and kitchenware.


For example, the medicine injection, syringe, toy car, flashlight, spark plugs, toothbrush, lipstick, facial mask, chopstick, shaver, scissors, hooks, cleaning balls, bottle openers, correction fluid, ball pen/pencil, sharpener, etc.


Extensive used in various paper plastic blister packaging.



Main Performance Characteristic


    〉Positive/negative pressure Molding, the butterfly hole punching (optional), cutting, feeding, paper card feeding, heat sealing, output conveying, etc. simple structure, convenient operation.


    〉304 stainless steel shell, conforms to the national pharmaceutical industry GMP requirements, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.


    〉Adopt imported frequency control, color touch screen (man-machine interface) and PLC programmable control system, high yield, low noise, clear and simple operation, more advanced automation, more humane.


    〉Adopt servo motor stepless stroke control, stroke adjustment is simple, easy to changeover the molds.


    〉Photoelectric control, PVC exhaust and paperboard lack will cause buzzing alarm.


    〉Using the split design, easy to transport and lift access.


    〉The respective plastic material feeding device, can save a lot of packing material.


    〉Molds designed according to requirements and automatic feeder equipment is optional.



Work Schematic


HP-500B Main Technical Parameters



   Max. specification of paperboard

   500x300mm (design according to customer requirements is also available)

   Max. specification of PVC (Max. Forming Area )

   470x220mm(design according to customer requirements is also available)

   Max. Forming Depth

   30mm (Non-normal machine 50mm)

   Cutting frequency

   8-25 times/minute

   Adjustable Travel range

   30-280 mm

   Air pressure


   Air flow


   Forming And Heating Power (Upper and Lower)

   2.2KW (x2)

   Heat-Sealing and Heating Power


   Total power

   380V 50Hz  12KW

   Main Motor Power


   Outline dimensions

   5600x960x1850mm (L*W*H)    6500x960x1850mm (Non-normal machine)


   2600Kg (2800Kg Non-normal Machine)



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