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>Warranty commitment: One year warranty after final acceptance, and lifelong technical support.


>Debugging services: Our company can arrange a technical engineer going to your factory, to help you for installation and commissioning of the machine, and training your employees to use and maintain the machine.


>Training: You can send people to our company, and we will arrange our engineer who has comprehensive skills to train him for one week.


>Maintaining: If there is something wrong with the machine in warranty, and it can't be solved by our remote support, we can arrange our engineer to your factory for dealing with it. It will be free, if the problem was not caused by your misoperation.


>lifetime services: After the warranty, we will provide lifetime technical support to the promise customers. And we will provide the whole spare parts at the best price without delay.


>File Services: Starting from the contract performed, we will establish archives for the customer, the files includes business contract, technical parameters, production task list, commissioning report, receiving report and the relevant technical drawings, etc.

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